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Fundraising Lead

Collective Aid

Job Purpose

The role of Fundraising Lead is key for the overall execution of Calais Appeal. The purpose is to empower the Calais Appeal to secure funding which allows each member to continue their operations smoothly, as well as to ensure that the advocacy and communication activities of Calais Appeal are executed as desired.

About Calais Appeal

From January 1st 2022, the largest funder of humanitarian aid in Calais withdrew an annual investment equivalent to 600,000 Euros from refugee projects in Calais. After over 6 years of their support, seven different grassroots organisations now face significant funding challenges following the withdrawal. The organisations affected became members of the Calais Appeal – Calais Food Collective, L’Auberge des Migrants (WoodYard and Human Rights Observers), Collective Aid, Refugee Women’s Centre, Refugee Info Bus, Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK), Project Play and Utopia 56.

The Calais Appeal was initially launched as an independent, mostly volunteer-run collective in January 2022 to inform the wider public about the situation on the UK-French border, the mistreatment of displaced communities and our efforts to support people on the move. Today the Calais Appeal has evolved into a fundraising platform and has two main goals: fundraising for all member organisations and streamlining our collective communications and advocacy into a single voice. Through our campaign work we aim to increase awareness on the situation over 1,500 displaced people face in Calais as well as connect with potential donors through diligent communication and online presence.

Members of Calais Appeal are individual charitable organisations. Each provides access to different aid and services on the ground including food, water, information, warm clothing, tents, psychosocial support for women and families, firewood, phone charging, electricity and more.


  • Develop long-term and sustainable fundraising strategies that are aligned with Calais Appeal’s vision and mission.
  • Compile and develop materials for grants and other funding organisations.
  • Identify and research prospective funding opportunities and new donors.
  • Monitor calls for proposals from potential donors and inform Calais Appeal members of relevant existing or upcoming opportunities that can apply to individual members and/or the Calais Appeal as a whole.
  • Write and submit grant applications to potential funders.
  • Build new and manage existing relationships with stakeholders and create a sustainable and growing network.
  • Develop relationships where appropriate with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) (CSR) opportunities and with HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals).
  • Liase with the Communications and Advocacy Manager regarding email and website communications.
  • Liaising with support groups who can fundraise for us in the UK and Europe.
  • Facilitating weekly meetings with the Calais Appeal fundraising working group and coordinating tasks.
  • Facilitating general meetings with the Calais Appeal member organisations.
  • Work collaboratively with volunteers who will assist with fundraising activities and grant writing for the Calais Appeal.

Essential skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • At least 2 years of fundraising, communications, project management and/or event planning experience.
  • Proven copywriting skills.
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to balance multiple projects, meet deadlines and prioritise effectively.
  • Ability to adapt goals and working style to the rapidly-changing pace and requirements of the grassroots humanitarian aid field.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Extensive knowledge of the political situation regarding “illegal” migration and asylum policy in the EU and UK and the humanitarian context in Northern France.
  • Experience working in grassroots, humanitarian aid or with displaced communities.
  • Intercultural sensitivity and a love for collaborative and collective work.
  • Confidence in your ability to start in a role which has only previously existed for a short period of time.
  • The true ability to consolidate a functioning fundraising strategy for the Consortium.

Desirable skills

  • French knowledge is a big asset
  • Website Design (Wix editor, Google domains…)

Reporting to

Calais Appeal Consortium

Time Commitment

6 months minimum

Starting date

January 2023


Preferably Calais – Flexible

Facilitating Coordinating

Volunteer working groups


Competitive salary for France humanitarian organisations: above minimum wage

This is a full-time position.

How to apply

Calais Appeal encourages and welcomes applications from applicants with diverse backgrounds including lived experience as a displaced person. Calais Appeal welcomes all, regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, disability or nationality.

To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter to [email protected] by the 22nd December 2022.

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