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Project Title: Addressing Malnutrition and Food Security in Drought-Affected Communities in Gedo

1. Background:

The project intervention aimed at addressing malnutrition and food security in drought-affected communities in Gedo has been ongoing for the past 12 months. To assess the impact, effectiveness, and sustainability of the project, a final evaluation is commissioned.

2. Objectives of the Final Evaluation:

The primary objectives of this evaluation are:

  • To assess the overall impact and outcomes achieved by the project.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of implemented interventions in addressing malnutrition and enhancing food security.
  • To identify lessons learned and best practices for future programming.
  • To provide recommendations for the sustainability of project outcomes.

3. Scope of Work:

The final evaluation will cover the following aspects:

  • Review of project documents, including the initial proposal, work plans, and progress reports.
  • In-depth analysis of project implementation strategies and methodologies.
  • Evaluation of the project’s impact on malnutrition rates and food security indicators.
  • Assessment of community engagement and participation in project activities.
  • Examination of project challenges and the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.

4. Methodology:

The evaluation will employ a mixed-methods approach, including: Desk review of project documents; Key informant interviews with project stakeholders, beneficiaries, and community leaders; Field visits to project sites for firsthand observation and data collection; Quantitative analysis of malnutrition and food security indicators.

5. Deliverables:

The consultant(s) will be expected to provide:

  1. An inception report outlining the evaluation plan and methodology.
  2. Preliminary report to keep stakeholders informed.
  3. A comprehensive final evaluation report, including findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

6. Duration:

The final evaluation is expected to be completed within an LoE of 21 days, including field visits and report compilation.

7**. Qualifications and Experience:**

The consultant(s) should have:

  • A background in nutrition, public health, or a related field.
  • Experience in conducting evaluations of humanitarian projects.
  • Strong analytical and report-writing skills.

8. Ethical Considerations:

The evaluation should adhere to ethical guidelines, ensuring the confidentiality and dignity of project participants.

9. Budget:

Consultants are invited to submit a detailed budget proposal outlining all costs associated with the evaluation, including field travel, accommodation, and reporting.

10. Reporting:

The consultant(s) will report to the evaluation committee led by the Nutrition and MEAL Coordinators at regular intervals and upon completion of the evaluation.

How to apply

Submission of Proposals:

Interested consultants or consulting firms are invited to submit their proposals by 7th February 2024. Proposals should include a detailed methodology, work plan, and budget.

Send your proposals to [email protected]

Deadline: 7 Feb 2024

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