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Environmental Social Management Framework (ESMF) Consultant

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Norwegian Refugee Council

The main tasks of the ESMF consultant is to (a) Develop the leading ESMF for whole Ukraine, including assessing the potential national environmental and social risks and impacts of the proposed project based on existing ESMFs and documentation withing NRC (b) propose potential mitigation measures and practical solutions for NRC activities in Ukraine context, according to national or international standards; (c) identify relevant national standards, policies and procedures related to the project’s proposed activities; (d) identify relevant national stakeholders, ministries, directorates etc. required for review/approval of the project’s proposed activities (e) identify the staffing requirements, as well as the training and capacity building needed to successfully implement the provisions of the ESMF, according to NRC’s Environmental and Social Commitment/Management Plan (ESMP) and other relevant tools; (f) prepare general ESMPs for the areas of intervention financed by KfW; (g) address mechanisms for public consultation and disclosure of project documents as well as redress of possible grievances; (h) establish the budget requirements for implementation of the ESMF; (i) support NRC with regard to the ESHS requirements included in the tender documents for works; (j) liaise with NRC teams with regard to activities that should be included in the ESMF e.g, asbestos, explosive ordnances etc.

  1. Duties of the Consultant

Develop and Harmonize Ukraine ESMF with International Standards:

  • Lead the development and alignment of the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for Ukraine, ensuring strict adherence to KfW and World Bank standards.

Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Categorization:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the potential environmental impact associated with ethe Project. This assessment will include potential E&S risks and impacts and will be the basis for the mitigation measures i.e. the ESMPs
  • Determine the risk category in accordance with the meticulous criteria outlined in the KfW Sustainability Guidelines. The ESMF shall include criteria for projects requiring only an ESMP and projects with higher E&S risks requiring a full ESIA study.

Enhance and Update Existing Environmental and Social Commitment/Management Tools:

  • Evaluate, adopt, and update existing NRC Environmental and Social Management Plans, Site Risk Assessments, Questionnaires, as well as any other pertinent tools, tailoring them for effective implementation within the Ukrainian context. Include those in the ESMF.

Roles & Responsibilities Framework:

  • Assess, adopt, and update the existing Roles & Responsibilities (RACI) framework, ensuring clear delineation for each identified category.

Legal Compliance and Human Rights Due Diligence:

  • Ensure all tools strictly adhere to applicable labor laws and undertake rigorous human rights due diligence in accordance with the KfW Sustainability Guidelines.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy Gap Analysis:

  • Undertake a Policy Gap Analysis specifically for Occupational Health and Safety within the construction domain, focusing on light and medium repairs.

Site-Specific Information Gathering:

  • Collect pertinent information about the physical circumstances at each construction site and identify factors crucial to decision-making processes.

Capacity Development Planning:

  • Develop a comprehensive capacity development plan for NRC project staff and contractors.
  • Implement adequate documentation, monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms to ensure effective execution.

Stakeholder Communication and Query Resolution:

  • Respond promptly to KfW on any ESMF-related issues or questions raised, demonstrating a proactive and solutions-oriented approach.
  • Liaise effectively with the UXO/ERW Consultant to address any concerns related to demining at construction sites.

Project Kick-off and Activity Site Framework:

  • Host a project kick-off meeting for the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF).
  • Develop a robust framework for each proposed activity site within the KfW-funded project.

Staff Training and Orientation:

  • Conduct an orientation session and training for relevant NRC staff members, providing comprehensive insights into all developed tools/guidance, the use and implementation of them.
  • Adapt tools based on inputs and comments from NRC’s technical staff members to ensure alignment with project objectives and standards.

Final Consultancy Report

  • The consultant will also be submitting comprehensive documentation and presentation of the outcomes, achievements, challenges, and recommendations of the consultancy service. This report serves as the final deliverable that summarizes the consultant’s activities, analyses, and contributions during the entire duration of the service.

Other duties/considerations:

  • Reports should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, in UK English. All text should be unformatted. Graphs or other graphical devices should be editable (i.e., not pictures). All references must be cited according to convention, and detailed in a bibliography, using the Harvard system as set out in the UNESCO Style Manual. All verbatim quotations must appear in quotation marks and must not be of excessive length. All data collected under the consultancy must be submitted with the deliverables, in a widely recognised format such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Everything submitted to NRC must be the original work of the consultants. Any plagiarism in any form, or any other breach of intellectual property rights, will automatically disqualify the Consultant from receiving any further payments under the contract by NRC, and NRC will seek to recover any payments already made.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent in the field of environmental sciences or similar fields with two years relevant experience OR Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the field of environmental sciences or similar fields with three years relevant experience.

  • Experience with KfW Sustainability Guidelines OR experience with the World Bank Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) OR the World Bank Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines.

  • Experience in Environmental and Social Management OR Occupational Health & Safety in construction

  • Previous experience with humanitarian programming

  • Experience in liaising with governmental authorities, national/international institutions, United Nations agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

  • Experience in providing consultancy service in similar area of expertise

  • Minimum C2 level of written and spoken English.

  • Implementation Timeline in line with section 4 above

How to apply

Please access the below link for tender documents and how to submit your tender

UA-CO- KYIV- RFQ-20 23-095

Deadline: 2 Feb 2024

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