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Development Aid

DRS is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Energy and Sustainability Manager to lead our client organization’s initiatives in achieving energy efficiency, sustainability goals, and environmental compliance in Eastern European and South Caucasus countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The ideal candidate will possess a comprehensive skill set, combining technical expertise with project management and business development acumen.


Communication: Effectively communicate sustainability goals, initiatives, and achievements to internal and external stakeholders.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate sustainability practices into organizational culture.

Management: Oversee the development and implementation of comprehensive energy and sustainability strategies.
Manage a team of professionals, providing guidance and support in achieving sustainability objectives.

Leadership: Provide visionary leadership in driving sustainability initiatives and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.
Engage and inspire team members and stakeholders to actively participate in sustainability programs.

Greenhouse Gas: Develop and implement strategies to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Stay abreast of emerging technologies and industry best practices related to greenhouse gas reduction.

Energy Consumption: Analyze energy consumption patterns and identify opportunities for optimization and reduction.
Implement energy-efficient technologies and practices to minimize overall energy consumption.

Program Implementation: Lead the planning and execution of sustainability programs, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.
Monitor and evaluate program effectiveness, making data-driven adjustments as necessary.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about environmental regulations and ensure organizational compliance.
Collaborate with regulatory bodies to maintain adherence to sustainability standards.

Data Analysis: Utilize data analysis tools to assess energy usage trends and identify areas for improvement.
Generate reports and present actionable insights to support decision-making.

Renewable Energy: Drive the integration of renewable energy sources into the organization’s energy portfolio.
Evaluate and implement renewable energy projects to reduce the carbon footprint.

Business Development: Identify and pursue business opportunities related to sustainability and energy efficiency.
Collaborate with external partners to expand the company’s presence in the sustainable energy sector.

Energy Audits: Conduct comprehensive energy audits to identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements.
Work closely with internal teams to implement audit recommendations.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Develop and implement strategies to measure and reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.
Educate and engage employees in carbon reduction initiatives.


  • Master’s degree in Environmental Science, Sustainability, Business, or related field.
  • Proven experience in energy and sustainability management.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to effectively convey sustainability goals and achievements to diverse stakeholders.
  • Collaborative approach to work with cross-functional teams.
  • Extensive experience in developing and implementing energy and sustainability strategies.
  • Proven track record in managing teams, providing guidance, and achieving sustainability objectives.
  • Visionary leadership with a focus on driving sustainability initiatives.
  • In-depth knowledge of strategies to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Strong analytical skills to analyze energy consumption patterns.
  • Experience in implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices.
  • Monitoring and evaluating program effectiveness, making data-driven adjustments as needed.
  • Thorough understanding of environmental regulations.
  • Proven ability to ensure organizational compliance and collaborate with regulatory bodies.
  • Proficiency in using data analysis tools to assess energy usage trends.
  • Demonstrated expertise in integrating renewable energy sources into an organization’s portfolio.
  • Experience in evaluating and implementing renewable energy projects.
  • Extensive experience in conducting comprehensive energy audits.
  • Collaborative approach in working with internal teams to implement audit recommendations.
  • Familiarity with renewable energy technologies.
  • Demonstrated success in program implementation and business development.

How to apply

The updated CVs in English should be submitted to [email protected] under the title: DRS Energy and Sustainability Manager. Due to the high number of applications received, we can reply to shortlisted candidates only. Please note that the above requirements can be modified during the recruitment process according to the client’s procedures.

Deadline: 14 Mar 2024

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