Emergency Logistician – Occupied Palestinian Territories – based in Gaza

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With its 40 years of experience, Première Urgence Internationale :

  • Supports close to 6 millions beneficiaries
  • With more than 100 Millions € yearly budget
  • Present in 22 countries, on 5 continents

Thanks to the work and commitment of :

  • More than 2000 national staffs
  • Around 200 expatriates from 45 different nationalities
  • And 90 employees at HQ

PUI works in 10 areas of intervention and distinguishes itself by the implementation of an integrated approach in its response. This method aims to identify and understand the needs of all those affected by a crisis. Our teams come together to bring a rapid global response to the basic needs of populations affected by humanitarian crises to help them regain independence and dignity.

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Focus on our emergency response activities

Humanitarian needs in Gaza are immense.
Despite particularly dangerous conditions, our teams on the ground continue to provide emergency aid to the civilian population.
Since our relocation to the south of the city, our emergency response has already been underway with cash support for 300 families, and for several days now, in collaboration with one of our Palestinian partner associations (UFA), with the distribution of basic necessities and food parcels purchased locally, and able to be consumed directly without processing, for 375 households in the city’s central governorate (with priority given to those staying with host families); each parcel being intended to cover the needs of a family of 5 for at least a week.
Our team, deployed in Egypt for more than a dozen days, has been hard at work purchasing inputs and receiving 58 Association Tulipe medical trunks (via a special flight from France), with a view to transporting them to Gaza for hospitals in need.

What about the Emergency Logistician ?

General Objective: To assess the opportunity for PUI to provide emergency assistance to Gaza

Specific Objective: Emergency response in Gaza

Result 1: A logistical assessment is provided

A1 – Supply assessment
– Importation: medical and non-medical. Identify the process and main bottlenecks. Coordinate with authorities and stakeholders whenever required.
– Local purchase: medical and non-medical. Identify the process and main bottlenecks. Coordinate with suppliers and stakeholders whenever this is requires.
– Transportation. Enhance cross-border collaboration amidst cluster leads and stakeholders involved. Set up a tracking system and/or follow up existing one from Egypt and Gaza side ( ERC and UNRWA lead agencies). Ensure security of movements and deconfliction. Ensure that fuel management has been carefully assessed before following the limited access to fuel.

A2 – External coordination

– Participation of the Logistic cluster. Participation to cross border logistic clusters and/or potential new ones organized remotely via Jordan.
– External coordination with authorities of Israel, Egypt, de facto Gaza. External coordination with other stakeholder’s including the Joint Humanitarian Operation Center in Gaza.

Result 2: Medical and non-medical items are purchased, storage and transport to Gaza

A1 – Purchase of programs items

– Support to the program teams –PR/PO/etc
– Visit of suppliers and partners warehouses.

A2 – Storage
– Coordination with various stakeholder’s and warehouses in the south of Gaza and if feasible North.
– Ensure cold chain for meds is in properly monitored and followed up, quality and safety of warehouses is evaluated and SOP’s are in place.
– Security plan for storage is in place.

Result 3 : Assisting the Emergency Field Coordinator in the definition and follow-up of logistics activities in the project, in conjunction with other project managers in order to identify and give a response to the needs of the targeted population. Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of logistics/technical activities in the base including the following:

A3 – Transportation

– Organization of secondary transportation. Loading and uploading : Ensure safety of the processes, identify safe meeting and discharge points and ensure that HR is in place to accelerate storage and uploading to tracks.
– Distribution à Ensure safe distribution points and/or methods. Take into consideration crowed mitigation measures.
– Make sure that fuel management is in place and emergency stock is safely foreseen.

A4 – Support the Gaza team regarding logistics aspect
– Ensure that all logistics related to the GH and office life are monitored and evaluated and SOP’s are regurarly updated following the context analysis.
– Work with national team in improving stock of food and living conditions including IT and Water management of the PUIH GH/Office


In collaboration with the Emergency field Coordinator, define and update the project security SOP, implementing the technical aspects of the risk reduction policy and the technical feasibility of the evacuation and contingency plan, to ensure people’s security, maintain responsibility for applied security at the office, guesthouses, and any other structures managed by PUI for the project.
Fleet Management: Maintain overall responsibility for condition of vehicles in fleet. Maintain overall responsibility for proper security procedures before and during movements.

What you will need to succeed


You hold a Bachelor’s or Master‘s degree in logistics (purchases, transport, etc.)


Strengthened by minimum 2 years of Logistics Experience in Humanitarian Sector and relevant experience in emergency response, you also have a general management experience. You already worked with Première Urgence Internationale? It would be a definite asset!


You demonstrate strong management, organizational, report drafting and ICT skills. You have a high level of knowledge of procurement and supply chain in Humanitarian Context. Experience in Medical Supply Chain and customs/importation will be appreciated.


You demonstrate ability to take the initiative and take responsibility in a proactive approach. You are a good negotiator and communicator, both in writing and orally. You demonstrate good team spirit, leadership, sense of analysis, good organization, ability to adapt and to delegate. You have a strong capacity to resist stress and particularly in unstable circumstances.


English has no secrets for you! All the better, it is mandatory for this position. If you speak Arabic, it would be a definite asset.

PUI will offer you

  • Status : Executive with a Fixed-Term Contract
  • Monthly Gross Income : 2,650.00 – 3,130.00 EUR depending on your experience in International Solidarity + 50€ per semester of seniority with PUI
  • Insurance including medical coverage and complementary healthcare, 24/24 assistance and repatriation
  • Housing
  • Daily Living Expenses (“Per Diem”)
  • Paid Leaves Policy : 5 weeks of paid leaves per year

Our commitments

Première Urgence Internationale sees diversity of nationalities, genders, beliefs, profiles and statuses among its Human Resources as a major asset for its humanitarian action, and therefore compels itself to the strict observance of the principle of non-discrimination throughout its recruitment process.

Première Urgence Internationale applies a policy of zero tolerance towards exploitation, sexual abuse and mistreatment, in all its forms, of women, children and all other vulnerable persons. It engages all its staff to promote, disseminate and respect the principles set out in its ethical charter.

Please note that Première Urgence Internationale shall not in any case request a financial contribution for administrative costs related to recruitment. Any such information would be fraudulent, please disregard it.

You recognize yourself in this profile and you adhere to our commitments ? You feel ready to take up the challenge and to join PUI great family ?

How to apply

If you wish to apply, follow this link and fill in the form on our career site.

deadline: 31 Jan 2024

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