Digital Media Consultant (Remote; international)

Youth Opportunity & Transformation in Africa

1. Introduction

YOTA is working with IREX to advance the strategic communications objectives of the Youth Excel project. The focus is on developing awareness, interest and buy-in of Youth Excel’s approaches and tools within the broader international Youth Development community to promote best practice, collaboration, advocacy, and stronger results in the international youth development field.

Through this collaboration, YOTA will contribute to Youth Excel’s knowledge mobilization by helping to curate global-level Youth Excel products to be disseminated as public goods to the youth development community. Knowledge mobilization is Youth Excel’s ‘rebrand’ of knowledge management and dissemination. It includes creating knowledge products that are easily accessible by users, making them openly available to the public for use, and sharing them in a strategic and dynamic way that promotes dialogue and two-way communication (including events and social media, for example). At the local level, YOTA will contribute to curating Youth Excel products to be disseminated to relevant stakeholders to advance agendas at the local community level. This would include providing resources and training on knowledge product development and dissemination tailored to local needs and platforms.

To support this effort, YOTA is seeking to recruit a Digital Media Consultant. The primary objective of the Digital Media Consultant is to support YOTA in developing and implementing effective social media strategies. This includes advising on content creation, campaign planning, and monitoring social media performance.

2. Specific Responsibilities

a. Social Media Strategy Development Support:

  • Support in developing a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with the program’s objectives by conducting research and analysis on social media and content trends, posting times, content type among others.
  • Provide evidence-based recommendations on platforms, content types, and engagement tactics.

b. Content Curation and Creation:

  • Advise on content creation and curation strategies to ensure it aligns with the program’s goals and resonates with the target audience.
  • Provide recommendations on content formats, messaging, and visual elements for social media posts.
  • Developing a monthly content calendar specifying the type of content and posting schedule for approval and adjustment.
  • Create captions, visuals, engaging content that reflects the program and partners’ activities, updates, announcements etc.
  • Support in curating content from partners by reaching out to points of contacts on a regular basis and requesting partner social media posts.
  • Support with Graphic design efforts using available design platforms to create visuals for communications purposes.
  • Collaborate with YOTA and partner teams to upload and disseminate blog pieces across selected platforms and promote them through various channels.
  • Collaborate with the Knowledge Mobilization Consultant to package existing knowledge, select existing knowledge products, and develop diverse and compelling formats for distribution.

c. Social Media Campaigns:

  • Develop social media campaigns that reflect the workplan goals and reach target audiences.
  • Create social media toolkits as per the needs of the workplan with sample messaging and visuals to reach target audience.
  • Develop a social media dissemination and engagement plan for knowledge products.
  • Monitor each campaign results and make data-driven recommendations for optimization.

d. Performance Monitoring and Analytics:

  • Set up social media analytics tools to track key metrics and performance indicators. Analyze data to assess the effectiveness of social media activities and campaigns.
  • Provide monthly reports and insights on social media performance.

e. Industry Trends and Best Practices:

  • Stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing.
  • Provide industry insights and recommendations to optimize strategies on a quarterly basis.

3. Level of Effort:

The level of effort required here is approximately 15-20 hours per month per social media account, and around 5-7 hours per month on knowledge mobilization work. A breakdown of how the time could be distributed:

a. Content development: This includes strategizing, creating, and curating content. Allocate around 5-7 hours per month per account for content ideation, creation, and sourcing.

b. Scheduling and posting: Around 4-6 hours per month per account to schedule and publish posts, ensuring they are optimized for the respective platforms.

c. Knowledge mobilization products amplifying and dissemination: Around 5-7 hours per month to research digital platforms relevant to Youth Excel’s work, create a list of these platforms, upload existing and new knowledge mobilization content on these platforms.

d. Performance evaluation and analytics: Approximately 3-5 hours per month per account analyzing metrics, tracking performance, and making data-driven decisions to optimize social media strategies. It’s important to note that these are general estimates, and the actual time required may vary based on factors such as the complexity of the curating content from partners, the frequency of posting (ideally daily, 5 posts a week for Facebook and 3 posts per day, 6 days a week for Twitter), the desired level of engagement, and any additional tasks or responsibilities involved. Additionally, it’s advisable to regularly reassess and adjust the time allocation based on the evolving needs and goals of the social media accounts, as well as any new trends or developments in the industry.

4. Deliverables

a. Content strategy guidelines, including recommendations for content formats, themes, campaigns and posting frequency for Facebook and Twitter.

b. Monthly Facebook and X content calendars updated with relevant captions, visuals, links etc.

c. Social media toolkits and visuals for upcoming campaigns, international days, summits, etc.

d. Monthly performance reports with insights and recommendations for optimization.

e. List of digital platforms to upload and disseminate knowledge mobilization content.

f. Excel sheet with links to the uploaded knowledge mobilization products on the digital platforms.

g. Graphic designs for social media purposes as needed.

h. Attend assigned communications meetings.

i. Ongoing consultation and support as required.

5. Qualifications

a. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field.

b. Proven experience as a social media consultant or similar role, preferably working with multiple markets/clients.

c. In-depth knowledge of various social media platforms, their features, and advertising capabilities.

d. Proficiency in using social media management and analytics tools.

e. Strong communication and presentation skills.

f. Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret social media data.

g. Creative thinking and strategic planning abilities.

h. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

i. Time management skills to deliver high-quality work within designated timeframes.

6. Tentative Timeframe

This consultancy is anticipated to start in March 2024 and work through September 2024, with possibility of annual renewal. The final timeframe and workplan will be agreed upon with the selected consultant.

Renewal: YOTA reserves the right, based on availability of funding and consultant performance, to enter into subsequent contractual agreements with the winning consultant for the life of the program through August 6, 2025 without issuing a new RFA.

How to apply

Please send applications to [email protected] by 29 February 2024 and include the following:

  • A technical and financial proposal; include your country and time zone;
  • A CV detailing relevant previous experience in social media management.
  • Samples of previously curated social media strategies and reports (Professional portfolio), if possible.
  • Name, position, and contact details of two references.

Deadline: 29 Feb 2024

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