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Developing SOPs on Planned Relocation for Solomon Islands

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Background Information:

Solomon Islands is one of the most environmentally fragile countries in the world, being highly vulnerable to disasters. As a result of this, some communities have already had to relocate, and it is likely that more will have to do so in future.

In 2021 to 2022, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) supported the Solomon Island Government (SIG) to develop Planned Relocation Guidelines.


  • Develop SOPs on Planned Relocation
  • Develop training material to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Solomon Islands to support implementation of the rights-based and inclusive relocation procedures
  • Host a two to three-day training session in Honiara to conduct a training and tabletop simulation exercise on applying the SOPs


Methodology and workplan by 31 March 2024

  • The methodology should include the list of communities (four at risk of relocation and two to be impacted by an incoming relocation) in which research will be conducted.
  • IOM will directly support and review the selection process of the communities, as well as facilitate coordination with relevant government counterparts.

Primary data collection and analysis by 31 October 2024

  • Develop tools for data collection, including Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) and surveys, for the targeted communities and government counterparts.
  • Provide guidance on data collection for IOM staff.
  • Participate in data collection at the community level for at least two communities.

Draft SOPs by 28 February 2025

  • Based on primary data collection, draft the planned SOPs.
  • Facilitate preliminary feedback discussions with key government counterparts

Validation workshop and submission of final SOPs by 31 May 2025

  • IOM will organize a validation workshop in Honiara for national and provincial stakeholders for a final review of the SOPs and to ensure buy-in by key stakeholders.
  • The consultant(s) will facilitate the in-person validation workshop with the purpose of receiving input from partners. The workshop will take place over two days.
  • Incorporate feedback into the final version of the SOPs.

Submit training package by 31 August 2025

  • Based on the final government endorsed SOPs, develop training material to support the Government of the Solomon Islands to implement the SOPs.

Deliver Training by 31 September 2025

  • Deliver the training and TTX for government partners (over 2 – 3 days)


  • Demonstrated experience in research, data collection, reporting or a related field.
  • Familiarity or experience using participatory research methods, ideally feminist participatory action research.
  • Advanced knowledge and skills in migration, environment and climate change research.
  • Specific experience and/or knowledge on planned relocation is a strong asset.
  • Experience in providing logistical support to meetings, workshops and consultations.
  • Experience working or researching in the Pacific.
  • Experience in drafting legal documents and coordinating with government ministries, preferably in the Pacific.

Location and Duration:

The assignment will be home-based, with limited travel to the Solomon Islands. The assignment is expected to be undertaken over approximately a 19 month period and will require an estimated 150 days’ level of effort.

Consultants will be required to travel to Solomon Islands for primary data collection, validation workshop and delivery of training.

For more information, please consult the website below:

Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Trainings on Planned Relocation for the Government of Solomon Islands | International Organization for Migration (iom.int)

How to apply

Candidates are invited to participate in a pre-proposal conference on 15 February 2024 at 18:00 GMT+11 (please RSVP by 13 February 2024, 18:00 GMT +11 to [email protected]

Submit the Technical and Financial proposal to [email protected] by March 4 2024, 18:00 GMT+11.

For the complete application package, please consult the website below:

Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Trainings on Planned Relocation for the Government of Solomon Islands | International Organization for Migration (iom.int)

Deadline: 4-Mar-24

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