Deputy Assistant Administrator

US Agency for International Development

The Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) provides global leadership in humanitarian response, by saving lives, alleviating suffering, and lessening the impact of disasters while providing the foundations for transformative change and self-reliance. BHA fulfills USAID’s role as the lead U.S. Government Agency for responding to emergencies and disasters overseas with both food and non-food emergency assistance, as well as providing a holistic approach to USAID’s programming across the spectrum of disaster response, early recovery, resilience, and risk reduction.

The Office of the Assistant to the Administrator (AtA/BHA) provides strategic and humanitarian policy guidance, directs and supervises Bureau activities, oversees key management and programmatic functions, provides senior-level advice and coordination on emergencies, and engages in the international humanitarian system to further USG humanitarian priorities.

The incumbent has delegated authority and assists the AtA in managing the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance with direct oversight and administration for two offices (TBD) within the bureau. The DAA coordinates the functions of subordinate managers to ensure that all activities effectively further the mandate of the bureau, including USG and Agency policy, program effectiveness, implementation challenges, fiduciary risk, management concerns, personnel management, and other Agency strategic objectives and priorities. The DAA provides advice and guidance to Office Directors on the development and implementation of plans to systematically improve efficiency and effectiveness of Agency operations, programs, and initiatives and employs other parts of the Agency and inter-agency in furtherance of bureau objectives. In fulfilling duties, the DAA coordinates with USAID leadership across the Agency, U.S. inter-agency counterparts, other donors, and implementing partners.

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