Data Scientist (3)

Group 42

Job RequirementsAs a Data Scientist in our team, you possess a broad knowledge of Machine Learning and software development techniques to help design and implement a cutting-edge AI platform. You will focus on designing, implementing and maintaining various Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning codes. You will work with a multidisciplinary team of smart people, including Product Managers, and Software Developers, to advance a state-of-the-art AI platform that can be applied to domains like Robotics, Optimization, Control, Anomaly detection and Machine Vision.��� You convey and receive information in a clear, credible and consistent manner.��� You have stellar communication skills, effectively expressing yourself.��� You enjoy collaborating in a multicultural and diverse environment that expands to include various geographic locations and spans numerous cultures.��� You transform ambiguity into clarity.��� You embrace the latest cutting-edge AI technologies.��� You lead the path of value-driven AI features that are innovative and deployable to real customers.��� You are a Team-Player working closely with other colleagues while maintaining a clear vision of the value of our diverse offerings.��� You develop algorithms in key areas in Machine Learning.��� You create POCs focused on Deep Learning as well as other traditional approaches within Data Science.��� You have an end-to-end hands-on ownership of ML features and various projects.Work ExperienceExperience with one Cloud provider such as GCP, AWS, Azure, etc. BonusHands-on experience with AI frameworks (TensorFLow, PyTorch, Keras) and Python.2+ years’ experience with Schema design/Dimensional Data Modeling/No SQL Data Modeling.Masters or Ph.D. focused on ML.4+ years’ experience in AI and ML algorithm development.4+ years’ experience with Software Engineering.

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