Consultant for Capacity assessment and Capacity Building Plan

Action contre la Faim France


The recent developments in Ukraine have led over 7.6 million refugees to flee over the borders from Ukraine and a further 6.3 million have been displaced within Ukraine. The estimated 17.7 million people that are stranded in Ukraine face shortages of basic needs such as water, food and medicine. The refugees have crossed the border to Poland, Moldavia and Romania.

This situation has led ACF France to open Country Offices, in Ukraine, Poland and Romania and ACF Spain in Moldova.

ACF has deployed a regional multi-sectorial strategy through direct implementation and partnership. Core activities are Food Security & Livelihood (canned and dry food distribution, hot meals, cash) and Mental Health & Care Practices (psychosocial support, PFA training, Baby Friendly Space, psychiatric referrals). In Ukraine, the strategy includes WASH activities (rehabilitation/repair of centralized water and sanitation networks as well as gas networks and boiler plants, minor repair of Collective/Transit Centres and hygiene kit distribution), as well as Health & Nutrition ones (primary health care structures support).

Action Contre la Faim in Romania

Romania has received more than 1.6 million refugees, although it predominantly serves as a transit country, with many refugees moving on to other European nations. As of May 2023, a total of 91,842 refugees have chosen to remain in Romania (UNHCR Inter-Agency Operational Update).

Local organizations in Romania have insufficient experience in handling humanitarian activities and providing aid at such a scale. Clear gaps exist in addressing the basic needs of refugees and enhancing local capacities to meet these needs as refugees continue to transit and settle in both countries. UNHCR (July 2022) has specifically emphasized the importance of supporting government officials, NGOs, and volunteers working in border areas and accommodation centers to bridge the capacity gaps and compensate for reduced human and material resources. These gaps have been identified through Action Contre la Faim engagement with local partners and its continued presence in the border areas.

Objectives of the consultancy

  1. Conduct a comprehensive capacity assessment of four local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), analysing their current strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in terms of organizational capacity.
  2. Develop a tailored capacity-building plan for each NGO, based on the findings of the capacity assessment, outlining strategies and activities to enhance their operational efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.
  3. Implement the capacity-building plan in collaboration with the NGOs, providing guidance, training, and support to improve their capabilities and address the identified capacity gaps.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the progress of capacity building activities, regularly assessing the impact and effectiveness of the interventions implemented.
  5. Foster knowledge exchange and networking among the NGOs, facilitating the sharing of best practices and collaboration opportunities to strengthen their collective capacities.
  6. Provide guidance and recommendations for sustainable and long-term organizational development, ensuring that the NGOs are well equipped to fulfil their respective missions and serve their target communities effectively.
  7. Document the capacity assessment process, capacity building plan development, and implementation activities, producing comprehensive reports and recommendations for future reference and learning purposes.


The Consultant will submit the deliverables as mentioned in the Terms of Reference.

The detail information regarding the assignment is provided in the ToR, which may be obtained by e-mail from [email protected] (please mention in the subject line “PD-BUH-00069”).

Consultant profile

The successful applicant will have experience in the area and access to Romania, and expertise in conducting research and delivering trainings to a diverse group of participants with differing level of knowledge and/or awareness on these issues in question.

Specific skills:

  • Advanced knowledge in sustainable capacity building for non-governmental organizations
  • Practical experience in conducting research or assessments in humanitarian or development contexts (minimum 1 year of relevant experience)
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis and narrative reporting (minimum 2 years of relevant experience)
  • Experience designing capacity building trainings modules (minimum 2 years of relevant experience)

General Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good presentation and training skills
  • Language Requirements: English is mandatory (Deliverables will be in English)

How to apply

  1. Cover letter: stating candidate skill and experience suitable for the consultancy (max. 2 pages) and signed ToR
  2. Outline of Capacity assessment and capacity building plan, work and methods, proposed timeframe, work plan and budget, validity of the offer, payment conditions (max. 3 pages)
  3. CV of proposed individual(s) and sample of similar assessments/research carried out previously (with reference contacts)
  4. The consultant must provide proof regularity of his/her/their economic activity, at the time of the tender (tax documents, registration number, registration as self-employed person – depending on the country of reference where the consultant is located)
  5. The price indicated for the service must be marked “firm, global, lump sum and final”
  6. Any request for clarification and/or the offer must be addressed to:

[email protected] “PD-BUH-00069//Capacity assessment and Capacity Building Plan” in subject line

Deadline for submission: 19/07/2023, 17:00 (Bucharest time)

To apply for this job please visit