400px HelpAge International Consultancy: Supporting the full operationalization of the Digital MEAL System (DMS)

Consultancy: Supporting the full operationalization of the Digital MEAL System (DMS)

HelpAge International


HelpAge International works with partners and a diverse global network of more than 171 organisations across 90 countries, supporting millions of older people to live safe, dignified and healthy lives. Through our partnerships and collaborations, we work to ensure the inclusion of older people across society and strive to deliver a just and fair world for everyone, whatever their age. Our work is driven by our desire to deliver real impact for older people, to be inclusive, to work in partnership and to learn from our shared experience.

In the context of a changing and ageing world, as well as a changing sector, it has embarked on a journey of transformation. It seeks to evolve its value proposition by:

  • Adding value when working with others as a Supporter, Convenor, and Thought leader
  • Embrace partner-led programming as a strategic approach
  • Transition all its country programmes and offices to locally-led entities

As part of strengthening its MEAL capabilities, HelpAge has recently launched a Digital MEAL System (DMS), using the DevResults platform.

So far, important work has been delivered: designing the system, providing a first round of training to MEAL focal points, and uploading M&E data from all current and active projects.

The aim is to have a fully operational system by April 2024. At that point, the new system should be able to generate reports for HelpAge’s Results Framework as well as bespoke reports.

Alongside, HelpAge is evolving its Results Framework. It includes a set of KPIs and outcome indicators to quantify HelpAge’s impact across all areas of work, as well as its own performance and transformation.

Key issues

While foundations for an effective DMS are in place, it is recognized that a significant effort is needed to bring the system to life in the coming 2.5 months.

Specific issues that need to be addressed:

  • Awareness of the new system remains limited, including at leadership level. It is paramount that staff and leaders know and “see” the system and its applications.
  • The capacity of key users (MEAL focal points) needs to grow. A refresher training is needed. Moreover, more advanced trainings (including for Transformation team members) is required.
  • The database lacks M&E data for several projects.
  • Training manuals and guides are available but need more streamlining to enhance their accessibility and effectiveness. A set of simple tools should be developed to assist users.
  • The design of the Results Framework report needs to be finetuned, while other bespoke reports should be identified and designed to widen the use of the system.
  • Internal communication needs to be improved for staff to be aware and engaged. This HelpAge Board expects a first report in April 2024.

Scope of work

To fully operationalize and leverage this new system, HelpAge is seeking a consultant to assist with the following:

  1. Ensure the complete upload of all M&E data for current and active projects in the DMS
  2. Support the generation of the 2023/24 results using a mixed approach
  3. Set up the 2024/25 indicators and targets in the DMS for a fully automated process
  4. Liaise with the design team for HelpAge’s CRM
  5. Create a training program for key user groups, with supporting material
  6. Identify and socialize a menu of common indicators for all future HelpAge initiatives
  7. Lead on internal communication on the DMS
  8. Review uploaded M&E data in DMS and support user groups in making it comprehensive and accurate

In this, the Consultant will be supported by the Digital MIS Officer (consultant). He is responsible for the technical aspects of the DMS.

Key relationships

The Consultant will be managed by the Head of Transformation.

The Consultant will be part of a DMS Task Team involving the Head of Transformation (lead), Digital MIS Officer and Transformation Advisor. The group will meet on a weekly basis.

The Consultant will work closely with the Digital MIS Officer on technical aspects of the database and system.

The Consultant will support the primary user group – MEAL focal points.

Level of effort

The level of effort is estimated to be 20-24 hours per week. For a 3 months period (mid-February to mid-May).

The consultant would work with teams across different time zones.

Working times are flexible, although the Consultant needs to be available for the regular DMS Task Team meeting and meetings that target key user groups and stakeholders.


HelpAge seeks to contract a consultant for the above task with the following skills and experiences:

  • Excellent project management skills and experience in working with a globally distributed organization
  • Strong experiences in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) practices, tools, systems
  • Excellent communication, training and support skills
  • Familiar and comfortable with remote working and ability to support teams many locations and time zones
  • Familiarity with digital MEAL platforms, including DevResults
  • Ability to plan and execute tasks independently, and coordinate and collaborate where needed

Equal Opportunities

HelpAge International is committed to creating an inclusive working environment, promoting and providing equal opportunities and respecting diversity in employment. We welcome applications from all suitably qualified individuals regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.


Everyone has a role in creating and sustaining a safe and respectful working environment, where no one comes to any harm or is maltreated. At HelpAge we take our responsibilities very seriously and will take action against wrongdoing. We will do everything we can to ensure that we do not engage people that pose a safeguarding risk and will undertake criminal record checks as required.

Diversity & Inclusion

HelpAge International is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all its employees/consultants while extending the culture of inclusion into our work.

We believe that our workforce should reflect the wide diversity of the communities we serve, and that diverse voices should be elevated and intentionally integrated into our work. We embrace difference and diversity of identity, experience, and thought, and actively strive for inclusive behaviors across our organization and work regardless of gender, race, disability, age, nationality, ethnic/national origin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital status, pregnancy, social status, and political beliefs.

How to apply

Interested Individual consultants are encouraged to submit their Expression of Interest by 26 February 2024 to [email protected]. Applications should include a cover letter, CV, a writing sample of previously completed similar work, and two references. The cover letter should highlight relevant experience, proposed approach to the assignment, daily rate/budget and availability.

Deadline: 26 Feb 2024

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