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Consultancy -Mobile App Developer (INT10223)

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Project title: Contributing to Economic Resilience in Central Iraq

Donor: BMZ

Project locations: Anbar

Project duration: 3/2021 to 12/2024

Project Background

Oxfam is implementing a project entitled “Contributing to Economic Resilience in Central Iraq” with the financial support of BMZ. The agriculture sector is a vital to Iraq’s economy but today accounts for less than nine percent of the country’s GDP. The size and productivity of the agricultural sector has been affected by decades of conflict, availability of cheap imports and a lack of government policies to effectively manage, protect or preserve Iraq’s natural resources. There are good reasons to believe that the agriculture sector could be a driver of economic growth in post-conflict Iraq in ways that favor the poorest populations. Both rural and urban households would benefit from increased production and lower prices, particularly vulnerable populations, such as female-headed households, which tend to spend a higher proportion of their income on food[1]. Poor households dependent upon low skill labor would also benefit from increased demand for workers and increased wages. Supporting smallholder farming families and promoting linkages with market actors should generate jobs for farm laborers. In addition, Oxfam’s multi-sector needs assessment in Anbar (Feb 2021) found that 99% of people responded Yes when asked if there was a need for community livelihood support.


This TOR outlines the requirements and expectations for an app developer or a national developers team who will be responsible for developing the app to expand their businesses for farmers such as product diversification and development, branding, marketing, and increased customer reach.

. The purpose of this app is to Highlight agricultural products, unique features and capabilities of farmers Collaborate with influencers or thought leaders to promote the technology.

Objectives of the Mobile App

  • Creation of a digital user-friendly platform that allows for marketing.
  • information dissemination in the agriculture sector
  • link between users, farmers, and merchants.
  • The app helps farmers to move towards improving their production.
  • increasing productivity by facilitating market linkages.


the developer will be designing the application in two versions (Android and iOS), following up on the application, providing hosting (Google Play), training the staff on using the application, and providing technical support from the date of launch until the contract expires.

  1. Deliverables

Expected deliverables include:

  • Implement the application and share it with customers, farmers, and merchants.
  • Providing Oxfam monthly reports including challenges, updates, and the progress of the app.
  • Developing the App on Android and IOS systems.
  • Providing Oxfam with the source code.
  • Providing technical support to the App operation during the contract period
  • Share the source code with the concerned foundation.

Roles and responsibilities

Key responsibilities of the contracted party are:

  • Close collaboration with the staff engaged in the project from the contracting authority.
  • Meet the agreed deadlines and expected quality standards.
  • Consider all the suggestions coming from the contracting authority for the materials.
  • If contacted as a short-listed potential contracted party, prepare, and submit an activity plan and timeline responsive to the listed requirements as per this ToR.
  • Report regularly to OXFAM and be responsive to OXFAM’s project-related requests.
  • Prepare a final report.

Key responsibilities of the contracting authority are:

  • Comment on the content of the app
  • Review the content of the prepared app and approve it.
  • Provide necessary support to the contracted party.
  • Monitoring the process of the application Throughout the retirement period with the developer to ensure the operation and effectiveness of the application.
  • Inform the company/agency duly of any potential changes and deviations from the initial plan.
  • Hold the company/agency accountable to the agreed terms.

5. Time Frame

From mid-February until December 2024.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

The app developer should:

  • Has bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science, network security, robotics, or even computer engineering, software engineering, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, or data science.
  • has experience in programming languages, especially Java and MATLAB…
  • Writing the code, modifying it, or changing it as needed, building instructions and updating the application to obtain satisfactory results.
  • has skilled workers in developing and designing mobile applications
  • Possess a team of experts with diverse skills and knowledge.
  • submit the application on the deadlines

How to apply

Interested individuals or apps development firms, with relevant experience and skills based on the ToR, can submit their Expression of Interest (EOI), including the following:

  1. Technical proposal should provide details on proposed methodology responding to the ToR and the deliverables; capacity in line with the competencies required for the assignment, including references to past experience with similar assignments; CVs of the developer directly involved in the assignment, including their specific roles; and three professional referees. A technical proposal should not be longer than 15 pages, excluding annexes.
  2. Financial proposal includes a one-page budget of the offer
  3. Statement on the willingness to follow Oxfam’s Code of Conduct and guidance regarding safe programming.

TOR LINK: https://jobs.oxfam.org.uk/vacancy/20665/description

Please submit the EOI and other documents by 27 February 2024 to[email protected]

. No EOIs will be accepted after the deadline.

All questions or clarifications of a technical nature are to be sent to: [email protected] not later than 20 February 2024.

Deadline: 27-Feb-24

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