Consultancy Assignment for Partners / Donors Digital Summit Asia

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  • Salary: TBD
  • Closing date: 22 Jun 2022



Partners / Donors Digital Summit Asia

The purpose of this Terms of Reference (ToR) is to clearly define what is expected of the consultant for organizing partners / donors’ digital summit Asia.



Oxfam carries three Strategic Strata’s / approaches to support Business Development work in Asia:

a) maintain b) Grow[1] and c) Create. In 2019 Oxfam has conducted comprehensive research / study on donor scoping and market trends focusing only on Maintain and Grow.

However, In the changing donor environment in Asia, it is extremely significant to change the style of working and thinking out of the box, bringing paradigm shift in conventional fundraising approaches; working towards CREATE ambition, thinking to tackle new fundraising trends, new markets, new research, new partnerships, new business models and instil innovative thinking across the region.

Oxfam in Asia did CREATE market landscape study in 2021 and it has brough some interesting and triggering elements to consider in most challenging world.

On the bases of both market scans, it is required to engage with stakeholders and bring them on board to work together for a just world without poverty.


This consultancy / assignment will map potential partners / donors of 1) Civic Space 2) Innovations and 3) Private Sector regionally / globally. Then to organize a one-day summit, where we shall have discussion on above stated thematic areas.

b.1. OBJECTIVE OF the consutancy / assignment

Objective: As a Regional Business Development Unit, we have concluded 02 Asian donor market scans in 2019 and 2021 on Maintain, Grow and Create pillars. To perform some of the actions out of the scans there was an activity to Convene Strategic Donors Virtual Meeting in June. This will enable us to strengthen our relationships and pre-position Oxfam with them.

Scale: The scope of the activity is to cover Non-Traditional Institutional Bilateral Donors, Multilateral Development Banks, Trusts and Foundations and Private Sector. The thematic focus of the meeting would be on 1) Civic Space 2) Innovations in climate justice, gender justice, just economics, digital rightsand 3) Private Sector includes: economic justice (fiscal justice, sustainable value chain, business and human rights, good governance, etc); gender justice (decent work and inclusive business) and rights in crisis (support on climate action and humanitarian sector) among others. These three thematic areas are not full and final but preferred among others. We have substantial data available for these thematic areas.

  • Each thematic lead will present Oxfam’s unique work under each thematic pillar
  • Oxfam in Asia Regional Director would share glimpse of regional strategy and a way forward
  • Oxfam would like to give floor to potential partners / donors to share their respective view on thematic areas and Oxfam’s work

Expected participants: Regional Platform Team, CDs, Asian Country BDs, Partners, Partner Affiliates, OI Funding Team, Consultant and Donors

The specific objectives of Donor Virtual Summit are:’

1- Who are those potential Maintain, Grow and CREATE donors/actors that we can work with in Asia on mentioned themes?

2- How do these donors/actors work?

3- What will Oxfam need to do to engage with them?

4- What is or could be Oxfam in Asia value add to those “donors”, what would they expect from Oxfam to bring to the table?

Expected Outcome:

• Strong outreach among new donors

• Relevancy and space

• More Funding / Business Opportunities


Upon being selected for the assignment, the Consultant will discuss the scope of ToRs and their action plan with Regional Business Development Manager.

Thereafter the Consultant will prepare an Inception Report with a work plan which will include the potential list of donors, guest speakers, participants, and layout of the meeting.

With Regional Director’s approval we shall move to next steps of the methodology which entails:

  1. Scanning of potential partners / donors around mentioned thematic areas
  2. Preparing and Sharing of profiles of participants from donors
  3. Preparation of back up list / list B of donors if few participants miss from list A
  4. Desk review / meetings with donors
  5. Consultant to hold a meeting with some donors and Oxfam countries/regional staff

The Consultant has to provide a draft report first, on which Oxfam Regional Platform may give feedback, and having considered the feedback, the Consultant will prepare the final report, up to 10 pages with visual summary and a PowerPoint presentation and produce them to Regional Leadership of Oxfam.

b.3. responsibility of Oxfam in Asia

  1. Provision of all the relevant policies and procedures within which the consultancy / assignment needs to be undertaken,
  2. Suggestion of donors and key informants for the Consultant to verify further and – if needed – follow up according to the consultancy’s requirements,
  3. Sending invitations to Donors by Oxfam
  4. Assist the Consultant in the conduct of the consultancy / assignment by informing the donors and key informants – if needed – on Consultant’s request,
  5. Feedback and approvals on the Consultant’s work plan, draft report and the final report, and
  6. Pay the Consultant as has been agreed under section B.8 in this ToR and as per the contract agreement

b.4. duration of the assignment

Duration of the consultancy / assignment will be a period of 4 weeks (20 days). Please find the tentative timeline below:

When – Activities – Who

June 4th Week – Consultancy starts / contract signed – Oxfam and consultant

June 4th Week – Confirm target donors and share background documents – Oxfam and Consultant

July 1st Week – Desk based review – Consultant

July 2nd Week – -Sharing of list of key people joining the session – Consultant

July 2nd Week – Layout of the session and agenda finalization – Oxfam and consultant

July 3rd Week – Potential Partners / Donors Digital Summit execution – Consultant

July 4th Week – Draft report – Consultant

August 1st Week – Feedback on the report – Oxfam

August 2nd week – Final report with other deliverables – Consultant

b.5. deliverables

The Consultant has to present the below mentioned deliverables to OI as per agreed work plan. When doing so, each deliverable should be presented in two printed copies and a soft copy.

  1. Inception report: Upon the approval of the Inception report, the Consultant can proceed.
  2. Donor Digital Summit report (Draft): Electronic version only.
  • Summary – 0.5 to 1 page,
  • Introduction, including the methodology and session layout plan – 1 to 2 pages,
  • Findings / linkages development on each donor – 1 page per each donor,
  • Conclusions and recommendations – 1 page,
  • Bibliography
  1. Donor Digital Summit Report (final),
  2. Donor Digital Summit Report as a one-page visual summary, and
  3. PowerPoint presentation showing the details and outcomes of the donor virtual meeting

The outputs will be delivered as per the timeline mentioned in Section B.4 above in this ToR.

b.6. qualifications expected of the consultant

The Consultant undertaking this consultancy / assignment is expected to have extensive experience and knowledge of institutional funding landscape in Asia, and sound knowledge on thematic priorities for this assignment 1) Civic Space 2) Innovations in climate justice, gender justice, just economics, digital rightsand 3) Private Sector includes: economic justice (fiscal justice, sustainable value chain, business and human rights, good governance, etc); gender justice (decent work and inclusive business) and rights in crisis (support on climate action and humanitarian sector) among others. and the ability to conduct high quality research into funding opportunities and produce the reports on time.

b.7. payment schedule and terms

Payment will be in three (3) instalments upon satisfactory delivery of the deliverables, as follows.

  • 1st instalment – 30% of the total will be paid upon signing of the contract agreement,
  • 2nd instalment – 30% will be paid upon the submission of draft report,
  • 3rd and final instalment – Remaining 40% of the total will be paid upon the written confirmation of acceptance of the final report and other deliverables.

Payments will be based on the tax invoices submitted by the Consultant upon the delivery (and confirmation of receipt) of services specified in the section B.5 above. The payments will be in currency …., directly to the Consultant’s bank account or by a crossed cheque.

How to apply

Expression of interest:

Oxfam invites the submission of an EOI from an organization or individual with the experience and skills described above. The EOI must include:

  1. A cover letter of no more than 1 page introducing the consultant/organisation and how the skills and competencies described above are met, with concrete examples (organisation profile outlining similar experience including type of task, employer, project title, location, achieved outputs). The cover letter should also reflect the number of days to complete the assignment and total financial offer (cost). The cover letter should also indicate consultants’ availability for the proposed period.
  2. An outline of no more than 3 pages of the proposed process and key considerations including:
  3. Key considerations for the assignment
  4. Proposed outline methodology and approach
  5. Proposed timeframe and team size
  6. Detailed financial offer / costs with requested terms of payment. It is expected that the financial offer includes a primary budget breakdown of costs (for example fees, taxes…etc).
  7. Team composition, management arrangements and CVs of team members including contactable referees

Period of validity: The Expression of Interest shall be valid for a period of minimum 60 days, starting from the submission date.

By when we are looking for consulting bids: Close of application process by 22nd June 2022

Where to send your Expression of Interest:

Please send your Expression of Interest to [email protected] (please DONOT send your query to this email, as it will be administered at the deadline only)

For any query relating to this EOI please contact Moheeb Arif : [email protected]

Please ensure that all the documents related to your Expression of Interest are sent as attachment to your email and that all files attached clearly mention the name of the applicant. Only shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview.


By applying for this consultancy, you agree that you will comply in full with Data Protection Laws, and will provide Oxfam International with reasonable assistance and co-operation to allow Oxfam International to comply with all applicable requirements under the Data Protection Laws.

It is a condition of the award of the consultancy that all entities and personnel engaged in providing the services will be subject to pre-award screening to ensure compliance with our obligations under aid diversion, counter terrorism, and money laundering “laws”.

Grow: Look to grow flagship country programs to regional initiatives (where possible), to grow our influence form a BD perspective in the region, and to grow capacities across the region.