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Overview of position

Background & context:

Climate change is among the emerging development issues in Yemen & the project responds by contributing towards such priorities while at the same time enables the country to fulfil its commitments under the UNFCCC. The BUR2 will synergize & complement some components outlined in the FNC. The preparation of BUR2 will follow the guidelines provided by the COP. The process of including the BUR together with the FNC is technically, economically & timely feasible by ensuring effective use of resources & consistency of the methodologies & information exchange.

Without this enabling activity project, Yemen will not be able to meet its commitments under the UNFCCC & prepare & submit the BUR2 & FNC to the conference of parties (COP) of the UNFCCC. This project under the GEF enabling activities will enable Yemen to prepare its BUR & FNC in accordance with article 12 of the UNFCCC after the successful completion & submission of its TNC in 2018. It will assist in building further national capacities to fulfil Yemen’s commitments to the convention on a continuing basis besides increasing the awareness on climate change issues particularly among policymakers to take into considerations while setting out national & sectoral polices, strategies & program. Similarly, the introduction of BUR2 will enable Yemen to effectively prepare future reports under the transparency framework of Paris agreement.

The project will contribute to strengthening national & institutional capacities to coordinate reporting process through designation of a technical committee under the proposed National Climate Change Committee (NCCC). An inter agency technical focal points representing the relevant line agencies will be designated & their capacities will be strengthened particularly for the collection of GHG inventory data from their respective agencies. Such capacity building & institutional arrangements which are to be undertaken by the project will support Yemen to coordinate climate change reporting processes in a sustainable manner noting that the indicated technical committee will be backed by the NCCC as the national policy decision making body in close coordination with MoWE & EPA.

The project will also increase levels of awareness on climate change issues particularly among policymakers. Similarly, the introduction of BUR2 will strengthen national capacities & enable Yemen to prepare future reports. Specifically, BUR2, for instance, will assess existing arrangements for domestic Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) & make suggestions for enhancement. The project draws on the experiences & results of the previous NCs; in particular, activities are focused on areas & sectors that have been identified as most relevant for the GHG balance in Yemen. A central element of the project strategy is to enhance the cost effectiveness of its planned interventions by capitalizing on its proven track record & experience in addressing environmental & climate change challenges in the country besides it professional working relationships that have been established & maintained with partners & stakeholders including national institutions, donor agencies & local communities as well as civil society organizations.

The assignment is required to outline & develop the project document / project implementation plan based on which project activities will be implemented to achieve the project main objective that aims to assist Yemen in the preparation of its second BUR & FNC for the implementation of the obligations under the UNFCCC. The enabling activity project’s key objectives that the project document should outline, describe & highlight are as follows:

  • Assist Yemen in meeting the reporting requirements under article 12 of the convention to prepare the Fourth National Communication (FNC).
  • Develop national capacities in preparing the BUR2.
  • Strengthen the national technical & institutional capacities to address the capacity building & institutional arrangements for the FNC & BUR2 including data collection, processing, archiving interpretation & dissemination for GHG inventory & mitigation actions in a sustainable manner, as well as to assist the government to integrate climate change issues into sectoral & national development priorities.

The project specific objectives are to further assist Yemen:

  • Update GHG inventory & emissions by sources & removals by sinks for the year 2022 (in both BUR2 & FNC) & time series of 2022 – 2050 & bridge the gaps & reduce the uncertainties encountered in the previous inventories.
  • Update existing & developing new programs that include mitigation measures to abate GHG emissions.
  • Conduct impact assessment of climate change on agriculture, water resources, coastal zone & other relevant sectors where possible (different pilot areas & crops addressed under previous NC).
  • Identify & update the policy framework to facilitate adequate adaptation to climate change for the new pilot study areas, sectors.
  • Collect & analyse gender disaggregated data related to climate change Vulnerability & Adaptation (V&A) pilot thematic studies.
  • Analyse specific gender needs & propose proper actions to promote women’s participation in defining mitigation & adaptation strategies.
  • Update the constraints, gaps & related financial, technical & capacity needs & publicize findings & promote national communication.


  • The key objective of this assignment is to develop a detailed and comprehensive document / implementation plan for the FNC & BUR2 project.
  • The work to be undertaken under this assignment should be based on the best available scientific methods tools, approaches & should be in line & in consistency with national climate change key priority areas.
  • The consultant is expected to submit the document within a maximum of two months from the start date of the assignment.

Role objectives

The assignment will take 45 working days spread across two months, during the period the consultant is expected to conduct desktop review, stakeholder interviews & produce the three required deliverables:

  • Inception report – Workplan & detailed methodology.
  • Draft project document / project implementation plan for the FNC & BUR2.
  • Final project document that consists of all components described in section below.


  • The consultant will be home based working under the direct guidance & supervision of the Peace Operations Support Unit – Deputy Team Lead (POSU – DTL) & the Project Coordinator (PC). To produce the three deliverables, the consultant is expected to conduct a desktop review of the relevant literature on climate change priorities, reports & policy documents.
  • The consultant is also expected to conduct interviews & consultations with relevant stakeholders including our clients staff, thematic & contextual experts & relevant government institutions where possible.
  • The Project Coordinator will guide & coordinate which stakeholders to engage with the assistance of our clients Yemen Portfolio Leads.

The consultant is expected to conduct the following activities:

  • Develop & submit inception report.
  • Facilitate an inclusive process to draft the three deliverables enabling our client in Yemen to promptly & effectively implement the FNC & BUR2 project activities.
  • Conduct a desktop review of the relevant literature on climate change priorities, reports, strategies & policies.
  • Conduct interviews with relevant client staff, thematic & contextual experts & relevant stakeholders.
  • Produce & present draft of the deliverables.
  • Incorporate input & comments on draft to produce final versions of the deliverables.

More specifically, his / her responsibilities will focus on developing project document (project implementation plan) consisting of the following key sections:

  • Situation analysis.
  • Strategy that describes in details project rationale, objectives, components, outputs, & activities.
  • Project results framework that includes clear outcomes together with their indicators, targets, sources of verifications & risks & assumptions.
  • Total budget for the project period distributed over outcomes / activities.
  • Management arrangements with detailed roles & responsibilities.
  • Monitoring framework & evaluation at all project stages.
  • Proposed M&E work plan.
  • Description of legal context.

Annexes including:

  • Identified risks, risk assessment & the proposed mitigation measures.
  • Terms of reference for key project personnel.

The deliverables will be carried out during the period of two months from the onset of the assignment & consist of a total of 45 working days.



Due dates

Submission requirement

% payment

Approval required


Deliverable # 1:

Inception report – Workplan & detailed methodology.

Draft within 10 days of commencement

Inception report & methodology




Deliverable # 2:

Draft project document / project implementation plan.

Draft within 45 days of commencement

Zero draft of draft project document / project implementation plan for the FNC & BUR2.



Deliverable # 3:

Final project document / project implementation plan for the FNC & BUR2 project.

Final within 60 days of commencement

Final project document that consists of all components described in the section above.




Project reporting

  • The National Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the POSU Deputy Team Leader & in close coordination with the Project Coordinator. Our clients Yemen country office management is responsible for validating deliverables prior to the issuance of payments.

Key competencies

  • Proven track record of strategic papers preparation in climate change.
  • Professional in documents & report writing.
  • Proven knowledge of national climate change related policies, issues & priorities are considered an asset.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of national circumstances, challenges & opportunities, sectoral relationships & interlinkages, national polices & national key stakeholders are considered an asset.
  • Demonstrated ability of analytical & drafting work.
  • Familiarity with computers & word processing (Word, Excel etc.).
  • Fluency in English & Arabic language are required.

Team management

  • This role has no team management responsibility.

Further information

  • Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

How to apply

Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on CTG website as a candidate & apply for this role using this link:

Deadline: 24-Jan-24

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