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Turquoise Mountain is a non-profit, non-governmental organization specializing in heritage-based urban regeneration, traditional craft training, and connecting artisans to market opportunities. We seek to provide jobs, skills, and opportunities, through heritage. Since

2006 Turquoise Mountain has restored 150 historic and community buildings, trained 7,000 craftspeople, generated sales of more than $17m in craft products, and welcomed 1m visitors to our exhibitions worldwide.


The Turquoise Mountain Institute of Design, Crafts and Economic Development proudly leads the way in embracing and reviving traditional crafts and sustaining economic growth. Committed to championing the exceptional cultural heritage of the Levant, the Institute’s ambition is to strengthen the unique cultural and creative industries. Through a comprehensive educational program, members of the Institute learn the skills needed to succeed in the crafts sector. This facilitates artisans to attain financial autonomy by launching their enterprises and actively contributing to the economy.

Turquoise Mountain is running a project in Jordan to support artisans and promote cultural heritage. The project focuses on high-end craft production and vocational training in traditional crafts. The project offers apprenticeship and entry-level programs in jewellery and woodwork to help young people in Jordan develop their craft skills and secure sustainable employment in the creative craft industry.

We seek a proficient career advisor to assist our students in planning their careers by delivering employment skills training and offering career counseling sessions to course graduates, ensuring their job readiness.


  • To help students identify their career goals and market themselves effectively to employers.
  • Equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful career development.
  • Enhance students’ employability and readiness for the job market.

We seek an experienced career advisor to guide the students in planning their careers through delivering Employment Skills Training and providing career counseling sessions to be provided to all course graduates to ensure job readiness.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Deliver intensive training to 100 Candidates of the Turquoise Mountain program- graduates, entry-level, Intermediates, apprenticeship. Topics to be covered: job searching techniques, resume writing, interview skills, goal setting, performing skills assessments, soft skills, managing client relationships, etc.
  • Prepare pre- and post-assessments and keep a record of the progress and responsiveness of the students.
  • Use a holistic approach and design methodology to ensure keeping a good influence on the students and motivating them and this includes but is not limited to:
    • Provide students with resources and guidance to set clear and achievable career goals.
    • Assist students in understanding different roles and opportunities in the crafts sector.
    • Provide students with information and resources about potential employers in addition to providing them with comprehensive guidance on job search strategies and techniques specific to the jewelry and woodwork industries.
    • Guide students in writing impactful CVs and professional bios that highlight their skills and experiences.
    • Offer coaching and support for students to excel in job interviews.
    • Focus on developing essential soft skills, such as confidence, communication, etc.
    • Introduce students to various roles and career paths within the crafts sector.
  • Conduct individual career counseling/mentorship sessions with 10 students who

need further assistance (according to their needs). Material for the sessions is already available.

  • Provide a comprehensive report summarizing the activities conducted, outcomes achieved, recommendations for future career development initiatives, challenges faced, design methodology used, etc.
  • Conduct soft skills workshops that cover interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and career plan sessions for new candidates entering vocational training at the entry level.

Note: Session agenda/structure of training to be finalized after the consultant is selected, in collaboration with the Turquoise Mountain Training and Economic Development Team.


  • Access to appropriate office space, counseling rooms, and necessary equipment
  • Availability of relevant career development resources and materials.


  • At least 10 years’ experience as a Careers Advisor or in the field of HR / Employment with relevant training experience
  • Experience in public speaking
  • Fluent in Arabic and English (Careers Advice sessions will be conducted in Arabic) Knowledge of the creative industries sectors – including the craft sector.
  • Ability to work with youth.
  • Excellent communication skills: Verbal, written, presentation, and cultural understanding.
  • High achiever and highly motivated


Turquoise Mountain office – Jubaiha, Amman.

How to apply

To apply, please submit your application via this link and include the following in the PDF format.

  • A financial offer for your services
  • An overview/draft proposal for your proposed plan
  • CV
  • Sample of previous work

Deadline: 5 Feb 2024

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