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About Seven Star Consultants Ltd
Seven Star Consultants Ltd is a multi-faceted company with an unwavering commitment towards excellence and client satisfaction through the delivery of cutting edge development consulting services. We offer a well-rounded range of stand-alone and integrated services across various sectors including; Development, Communications, ICT, and Project Management. We have in the last decade implemented projects and programmes for regional, national and sub-national Governments, international donor agencies, NGOs and private sector clients.
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Overall Objective
We are currently looking for consultants for various development projects and programmes, supporting in the delivery of economic development and humanitarian interventions, across various sectors including WASH, education, health, agriculture, rural development, economic empowerment, development, communications and technology in various countries in West Africa. These activities are aimed at contributing to transformative change for development initiatives conveying purposeful impact. The consultants will support the implementation of project assignments in the relevant country or region, including coordination with all stakeholders and management of any subcontractors or service providers.
They are expected to have professional experience in implementing development initiatives in the relevant country or region as well as the necessary language skills.
Consultants will work under the guidance of administrative and subject matter experts and support us on a range of projects, producing deliverables and leading on distinct work packages.
Under this contract type, the assignments will vary in scope and duration – ranging from short term assignments of a few days at a time to longer blocks of time (e.g. several months full time, up to a year). The scope of work may also vary with regards to the contract time zone or location.
1.Post graduate degree in development studies, international development, sociology, public policy, or a related sectoral field from an accredited university
2.Minimum of five years of experience in implementing sectoral, economic, and humanitarian projects in development contexts, preferably in a consulting or advisory role.
3.Demonstrated expertise in designing and implementing rigorous and innovative development strategies, using various quantitative and qualitative methods and tools.
4.Excellent analytical, writing and communication skills, with the ability to synthesize complex information and present it in a clear and compelling manner.
5.Strong project management skills, with the ability to plan, coordinate and deliver multiple tasks within tight deadlines.
6.Proven leadership skills, with the ability to motivate and mentor others, as well as work independently and collaboratively.
The remuneration will vary depending on the assignment and consultant’s location and will range from hour/day rate, through lump sum for specific deliverables, to a set monthly fee.

How to apply

Please upload a CV and a work sample (not exceeding 2MB in size) on

Deadline: 26 Feb 2024

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