Call for Board Members Stichting Female Journalists Netowrk (SFJN)

Stichting Female Journalists Network

SFJN is looking to recruit members fromthe civil society, media sector, and/or feminist movements to serve on SFJN’s Board to improve SFJN’s sustainability, strengthen its feminist organizational capacity and support its work on the ground.

SFJN is looking for candidates with a range of skills and experiences. These are listed below:


  • Commitment to SFJN’s values
  • An understanding of NGOs and how they operate
  • Board experience
  • Passionate and committed to social justice, gender equity and feminist principles
  • Eager to contribute and improve media discourses from an intersectional feminist perspective
  • An understanding of the MENA region

Skills (in at least three of the areas listed below)

  • Ability to understand and interrogate financial reports
  • A legal background
  • A finance background
  • Strategic planning skills
  • Risk management skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to operate in a team
  • Ability to network and advocate on behalf of the organization.
  • Experience in financial management
  • Experience in Dutch non-profit sector legislation
  • Fundraising
  • Media, communications or PR (including social media)
  • Understanding of issues related to Human Resources

Board members are expected to:

  • Willingness to represent and promote SFJN
  • Willingness to fulfill the representative duties and uphold ethical standards of conduct as required of a board member of a registered non-profit organization
  • Availability to attend monthly online meetings and on occasion the be called upon to sign funding contracts on behalf of the organization and participate in big events fundraising activities.
  • Responsive to emails and other communication
  • Attend monthly online board meetings and an annual general meeting in person.
  • Participate in the foundation’s strategic review and planning sessions which happen every
  • three to five years
  • Participate in sub-committees and support in improving SFJN’s sustainability, strengthening its feminist organizational capacity and supporting its work on the ground.
  • Commit 4 -6 hours per month
  • Please note that serving on the Board is completely voluntary. There is no remuneration or financial compensation of any kind.

How to apply

Send: – your CV and letter of motivation to [email protected]by 30/August/2022. – Title: Call for Board Members.