Biomedical Engineer


Background Information – Job-specific

The Health System Enhancement to Address and Limit (HEAL) COVID-19 project (2020 – mid 2022) funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) aims to assist in scaling-up the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) emergency response of the Philippines Government while strengthening the Philippine Health System to become more cost-effective and sustainable.

Through this project, the Department of Health (DOH) will procure through UNOPS emergency medical supplies, laboratory equipment and consumables, and fully outfitted laboratories and isolation wards for the targeted molecular laboratories and hospitals, as well as procurement and installation of equipment for infectious waste treatment using microwave technology housed in 20 feet prefabricated containers.

The overall objective of this project is to strengthen the preparedness and response capacity of the Philippines Health System in regard to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, and in the longer term to become more cost-effective and sustainable.

The availability of the key equipment and new infrastructure will strengthen the ability of the health system in the Philippines to effectively treat COVID-19 cases. The expected outcomes of the project are:

  1. Strengthened preparedness and response capacity of the Philippines health system in regard to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19;
  2. Reduced COVID-19 transmission and increased safety of the local populations.

Functional Responsibilities

1. Coordination, Delivery, and Performance:

  • Support in the revision of the medical specifications and requirements presented by DOH under design, in terms of accuracy and suitability to overall requirements.
  • Check the schedule of the requirements, conditions, evaluation criteria and exact submission needed from the bidders before the bid solicitation.
  • Support in producing medical bills of quantities suitable for tender in terms of accuracy and content.
  • Assist in preparing and evaluating technical specifications for medical systems including products, apparatus, services and associated quality of workmanship, in close coordination with the Procurement team.
  • Raise issues that may impact the achievement of outcomes.
  • Prepare estimates and prices for all medical equipment.
  • Participate in scheduled site visits.
  • Follow contractor’s obligations of the contractors on site including inspections, testing, and shop drawings review.
  • Perform other related duties as required from Team Lead.

2. Governance, Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Prepare monthly progress reports based on the established schedules and plans, encountered problems, solutions, planning of activities, etc.
  • Maintaining, accurate, quality and completion documentation as identified in responsibilities;
  • Ensure stakeholders are aware of project activities, progress, exceptions, etc.
  • Participation in the meetings with the Design Company and work closely with their respective medical consultants during the workshop drawings for the medical equipment (identify exact Locations and dimensions for the equipment), if required.
  • Perform any other tasks relevant to design activity as assigned.
  • Assess and report on the project closing plans, archiving of cost and progress report and hand over all related reports to the Team Lead;
  • Assist contract division in preparing and evaluation of tender documents of engineering services (specifications, BOQs, rates, test reports, etc.).

3. Administrative Tasks:

  • Maintain records, compile periodic reports and any specific reports required by UNOPS standard procedures;
  • Assist in scheduling requested tasks related to medical works.

4. Knowledge Management & Innovation:

  • Contribute to identifying Risks, Lessons Learned and Issues and enter relevant information in OneUNOPS project following the Supervisor’s approval;
  • Contribute to knowledge networks and communities of practice by synthesizing lessons learnt and dissemination of best practices;
  • Contribute with feedback, ideas, and internal knowledge about processes and best practices.

How to apply