Bakery & Training Coordinator (voluntary)

Same Skies

Kneading Peace Social Enterprise is a refugee-supporting training café, shop and creative space based in Melaka, Malaysia, and managed by Same Skies. We train and support refugees and other marginalised community members, while selling European panini (sandwiches), pâtisseries (pastries) and gelato (ice cream), art and craft, and hosting courses and events.

Same Skies is a non-religious, politically neutral non-profit organisation, registered in Switzerland (2014), Australia (2016), Malaysia (2017) and Indonesia (2017). We are a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of people who believe that through compassion and combined action, we can create a better world.

We want to drive leadership and innovation in refugee assistance and protection to improve efficiency, effectiveness, quality and social outcomes. Same Skies’ innovation is best described through its perception of refugees and asylum seekers, who are traditionally seen as vulnerable. Same Skies refers to “capacity-strengthening”, rather than “capacity-building” because we acknowledge an existing base of capability in every community.

According to UNHCR, Malaysia currently hosts more than 180,000 refugees, despite the fact that the Government has not signed the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocols. Many of these refugees become stranded under weak protection frameworks for many years if not decades, while they await the processing of their asylum claims and resettlement to a third country. They receive very little support and have limited access to basic human rights, such as education, health care, livelihood and dignity. Due to local work restrictions for refugees, there is often a high degree of underutilised and disorganised skills in displaced communities, which we mobilise. We do not see vulnerability as a fixed condition, but perceive refugees as resilient.

Same Skies has been operating Kneading Peace since early 2020. Through this training programme, sponsored refugees and other marginalised community members, as well as paying local Malaysian trainees, practise vocational baking, they attend enterprise training, and they take shifts at the café to learn how to interact with customers. The goal of the training programme is to help participants develop informal income-generating ideas to run from home. Therefore, trainees don’t just participate in a six-month training, but should have the desire to establish something lasting. Upon graduation, alumni receive a “starter-kit” (for example an electric oven and baking equipment needed). Same Skies also provides one year of follow-up support to help with the implementation of plans, and connect alumni to the right people and partner businesses.

Same Skies is looking for a qualified and motivated Bakery & Training Coordinator to assist the local team in Melaka, Malaysia. The assignment will include the following responsibilities:

Bakery coordination: Coordinate the food and beverage preparation.

  • Manage the daily preparations for the training café.
  • Process online baking orders.
  • Oversee quality control, make suggestions for improvements and implement approved changes.
  • Manage stock.
  • Manage kitchen collaboration with the rest of the team.
  • Respond to catering requests, and assist with events.

Training coordination: Provide baking training to trainees (refugees and other marginalised community members, local Malaysian trainees).

  • Coordinate vocational baking training.
  • Teach existing baking curriculum; complement and improve resources.

This assignment requires a full-time commitment. While the café is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2-9pm, the usual working hours would be from 8am – 5pm. Depending on the daily work, shifts can be longer or shorter. Volunteers are entitled to 7.5 scheduled days off within the three-months assignment.

How to apply

Skills & experience

  • Experience with European baking.


  • Preferably qualifications as a baker, or equivalent experience.

Language skills

  • The working language is English.
  • Additional languages might be a benefit.

Further attributes, experience, skills, and/or qualifications

  • Experience in the humanitarian/refugee protection sector would be an advantage.
  • Experience working with an NGO might be helpful.

Before applying, please find more information on our website, and check out our social media accounts:

To apply, please send your expression of interest outlining your motivation and skills together with your resume to Julia Frei at [email protected].