Automotive Vehicle Teardown Technician


Roles & Responsibilities��� Perform vehicle specification, feature studies & analysis of teardown vehicle��� Documenting the key features & advantages of teardown vehicle��� Remove Parts/ Assembly from the vehicle into a separate part��� Teardown sequence Photos capturing��� Teardown sequence video capturing��� Be responsible for tools management and ensure the usage of the right tools during vehicle teardown��� Be responsible for teardown status communication to the management team��� Coordinate work cross-functional team across the globe.��� Implement VA/VE ideas implementation on parts teardown��� Conduct body-in-white (BIW) detail and destructive teardown using drilling machine/Gas cutting machine��� Study and document the Cooling circuit diagram of the teardown vehicle��� Cooling circuit and electrical harness tagging and study��� Take charge of standard parts removal torque observation & documentation��� Manage inventory Control on teardown parts

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