Assistant General Counsel

US Agency for International Development

This Assistant General Counsel position is located in the Office of the General Counsel, Division for Global Health, at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) headquarters in Washington, DC.

Under the general direction of the General Counsel and the Civil Service Deputy General Counsel, the Assistant General Counsel, Division for Global Health (AGC/GH) is primarily responsible for providing professional legal advice and assistance to USAID’s senior management officials, including the Administrator, the Counselor, and senior officials in the GH Bureau, on issues related to U.S. Government responses to complex international health issues, family planning and reproductive health, infectious diseases (including COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS), and nutrition.

Incumbent serves as the principal expert at USAID on health programs and ensures that USAID health programs are conducted in compliance with the statutory and policy requirements.

Incumbent provides timely advice and support to enable USAID to respond to the evolving needs of GC/GH’s clients while assisting Agency decision makers in managing legal and reputational risks in a demanding global health environment.

Incumbent is responsible in his/her own capacity, under direction of the General Counsel, for all legal and related policy advice on issues arising with respect to the assistance programs noted above and for coordinating the advice of subordinate legal officers.

How to apply

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PLEASE NOTE: ALL OF THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE BY 11:59 PM Eastern Time (ET) ON THE CLOSING DATE OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. USAJobs Resume Builder resumes will not be accepted for this position. You must upload all of the required documents. To apply, click the “Apply Online” button in the announcement and follow the prompts to the Career Connector website. If you are unable to apply online, call the Agency Contact listed in this announcement before noon ET on the closing date.

Along with a resume and complete online Assessment Questions, provide narrative statements individually addressing each of the ECQs and TQs, not to exceed two pages for each ECQ and no more than three pages for each TQ. The narrative statements should demonstrate the necessary level of management skills, characteristics, qualities, specialized knowledge, and technical competence that would indicate successful performance in the SES. Keep in mind that each ECQ and TQ are unique qualifications. Do not write “Refer to Resume” or refer the reviewer to any other part of your application to explain your answer. Applications directing the reviewer to search within the application or to “See Resume” will be rated as incomplete. Additionally, applications that do not include narrative statements addressing each ECQ and TQ separately will be rated incomplete. ECQ narrative statements should be written in the Challenge, Context, Action, Results (CCAR) model format, as provided by OPM’s Guide to SES Qualifications. ECQs should focus on relevant experience, education and training accomplishments gained within the last 10 years. Each accomplishment should be clear, concise, and emphasize your level of responsibilities, the scope and complexity of programs managed, and results of your actions. For specific information and guidance on the ECQ requirements, the CCAR model, and examples of good qualifications statements, refer to OPM’s Guide to SES Qualifications at SES Qualifications

Additional information on ECQs is available at OPM ECQs