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ADR Centers Strategic Plan Advisor

International Development Law Organization

Overview & Responsibilities

Organizational Context

The IDLO, in collaboration with other consortium members, is promoting a reformed and modernized Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system through the establishment and operationalization of a new ADR Centre in Somaliland under the Program ‘Strengthening the social contracts through access to justice” funded by the Government of the Netherlands (Also known as Damal Programme). The programme aims to foster the social contract in Somaliland by increasing the legitimacy of justice institutions.

The overall goal of the programme is expected to be achieved through three (3) intermediate outcomes: (1) improved access to an Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) mechanism and referral pathways, especially for vulnerable groups; (2) enhanced access to formal justice for vulnerable groups through holistic support to gender-based violence (GBV) survivors and affected communities; and (3) increased participation of citizens in Somaliland in accountability processes relating to the provision of security and justice. The specific mandate of each Centre is to facilitate the practice of ADR and settle claims and disputes at the community level, facilitating and increasing access to justice for the local population, particularly vulnerable categories.

The Assignment

IDLO seeks a short-term Strategic planning Advisor to support the Damal programme through the development of a strategic plan for the sustainability of the ADR centres. Through varied methodologies including wide stakeholder consultations, the objectives of the consultancy are to:

  1. Conduct a preliminary assessment on the function of the ADR centres with a critical and learning lens (where has it been effective and successful, where is it not, what can it build on, etc.).
  2. Preliminary assessment on the Ministry of Justice, ADR unit and overall MOJ commitment to the ADR centers.
  3. Clarity around the Ministry of Justices overall future trajectory, including by closely anticipating the implications of strategy design on the MOJ’s internal structure and processes.
  4. Develop a situational/context analysis, including anticipated trends that will affect the operation of the centres and adaptation measures for the next 5 years.
  5. Develop a detailed strategic plan for the sustainability of the ADR centres.

Period of Consultancy:

The consultant will be based in Hargeisa and is expected to work in 40 days.

Scope of financial Proposal and Schedule of Payments

The consultant will be offered a lump sum fee inclusive of travel costs, accommodation and subsistence allowance during work assignment (where applicable)

Functions / Key Results Expected:

Under the overall supervision of the IDLO programme Manager, and through comprehensive consultations with all relevant sectors and stakeholders, the Consultant is expected to undertake the following: –

  1. Premilitary assessment on the function and operation of the ADR centre;
  2. Preliminary assessment on the operation of the MOJ with regards to the status and gaps in strategic direct;
  3. A situational analysis on the Eastern Regions of Somaliland including possible risks and trends that could affect the operation of the ADR centres and future justice practises in the region;
  4. Consultation meetings with key justice stakeholders;
  5. Collaborate closely with the Ministry of Justice ensure alignment and complementarities with the strategic plan and the current ADR centers objectives and operations on access to justice;
  6. Review the current responsibilities and capacities of the relevant government departments that will impact the implementation of the proposed strategic plan;
  7. Assess existing justice services and mechanisms within the ministry and its influence and impact on the future of the ADR centres and the implementation of the proposed strategic plan.

List Deliverables

The advisor is expected to perform all the following deliverables:

  1. Three-page inception report detailing the proposed methodology and agreed work plan submitted within three days from the date of signing the Contract.
  2. Weekly reports providing updates on the progress of the deliverables (such as desk review, consultation meetings, assessments, drafting of documents, notable discussions or reflections), to be submitted to the PM every Monday morning. Reports will be a minimum of 2 pages and are to be submitted in electronically in Microsoft Word format.
  3. Report on service analysis and operations assessments of the ADR centres and Ministry of Justice.
  4. Report on consultation meeting with key justice stakeholder on all consultations carried out. This should describe the consultation process followed and outcomes.
  5. A draft strategic plan.
  6. Validation session for the strategic plan with key justice stakeholders.
  7. Final strategic plan.
  8. Report on assignment including an analysis of consultancy achievements, pre/post evaluation results, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future. The report should be at least 10 pages in length and will be submitted electronically within 15 days of completion of activities to the PM in Microsoft Word format.

Job Requirements


To deliver these above-mentioned objectives and the associated scope of work, IDLO is searching for a candidate with the following skills and experience:

  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of Justice, Policy and Legal Issues in Eastern regions of Somaliland. IDLO and its partners operate in complex environments and deliver a diverse portfolio of projects. To deliver long-term outcomes (scale up, replication, sustainability etc.) and help the program develop a reputation for excellence (responsive, pioneering, professional etc.) the successful candidate will need to demonstrate a deep conceptual understanding of Justice, Policy and Legal Issues in Eastern regions of Somaliland.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in strategic planning and development of strategic documentation. The Damal programme will be closely working with the Somaliland government to ensure that the strategic plan is conductive to the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups, the stainability of the ADR centres and access to justice. The successful candidate will need to demonstrate extensive understanding, knowledge and experience in the development of strategic plan with an emphasis on doing so for government agencies.

Candidate profile

Education and work experience

  • Strong academic background in law, political science, public policy or related fields.
  • At least seven years’ experience in the legal field
  • Work experience in Somaliland and understanding of Somaliland legal context.
  • Demonstrate seven years’ work experience in the legal field, access to justice, legal and policy framework, informal justice system and ADR or related field.
  • Proven experience in conduction stakeholder consultation meetings, validation sessions, concept notes, reports, policies, strategic plans.

Language Skills

  • Fluent oral and writing in English and Somali.

Specific Technical Skills and competencies:

  • Excellent writing skills in English and Somali
  • Excellent knowledge for the Somali traditional justice system and ability to interact with government officials, justice stakeholders, elders, scholars and sharia leaders.
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting trainings, consultation and validation sessions.
  • Ability to work under the pressure with tight deadlines and flexibility.
  • Highly organized with ability to work under pressure.

Terms & Conditions

Applications will be screened on regular basis; a qualified applicant might be recruited before the deadline. In the interest of making most effective use of resources, only the short-listed candidates will be contacted during the selection process.

IDLO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in all areas of its operations. We welcome applications of qualified and diverse candidates.

IDLO is committed to achieving 50/50 gender balance at all levels within its workforce. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for IDLO vacancies.

IDLO does not tolerate sexual exploitation or abuse, any kind of harassment, including harassment of a sexual nature, or discrimination. As such, IDLO will conduct careful reference and background checks of all selected candidates as part of its selection process.

How to apply

Please make sure your application is completed online on the following link to be considered for the role:

ADR Centers Strategic Plan Advisor in | Careers at Somalia (