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Created in 1979, Action contre la Faim is a non-governmental organization that fights against hunger. Its charter of humanitarian principals- independence, neutrality, non-discrimination, free and direct access to victims, professionalism, transparency – has been part of its identity for more than 40 years. Its mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of under-nutrition, particularly during and after emergency situations linked to conflicts or natural disasters. Action contre la Faim focuses its actions on 5 main areas of expertise: Nutrition and Health – Mental Health and Care Practices, Gender and Protection – Food Security and Livelihoods – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – Advocacy. In 2019, Action contre la Faim provided aid to 17 million people in more than 49 countries worldwide. www.actioncontrelafaim.org

We are looking for a Country Director to lead our implementation and activities in Ukraine. A dynamic person will be needed for this role in order to ensure systems are appropriately created, and a strong ACF culture is established, and that teams move together during the transition period from acute emergency to longer term response. This post will be managing an increasingly large team (many of whom (particularly amongst the national staff) are highly qualified but have little to no humanitarian experience), focused on both direct and partner-based interventions, including in high security locations (strong analysis and support needed on questions such as risk transfer, and how/if to support occupied locations). The person occupying the role will need to be able to create a strong positive relationships not only with the ACF team but also with authorities and our partner organisations, though the set-up and management of strong systems and good interpersonal skills.

As Country Director, you will have to lead the Ukraine Mission through the transition from an acute emergency response to a more stabilised humanitarian mission in a context which continues to rapidly evolve.
More specifically you:
1. Continue implementation of emergency response activities across multiple operational locations in the country. The current strategy focuses on support to populations remaining in locations directly affected by conflict, displaced people currently in transit, support to IDPs in locations where they have chosen to temporarily settle, and support to host communities, with a focus on supporting activities as far east (and potentially north) as safely possible.
2. Elaborate a longer term strategy and response goals, with associated fundraising (if needed).
3. Oversee the recruitment and set up/stabilisation of systems.
4. Are in charge of the security of the mission
5. Manage directly 7 staf and create a strong ACF culture among the team


You have at least 8 years experience in the humanitarian field. You show a leadership experience in mission start-ups previously and beginning phases of emergency response. You have a ery strong security management experience and an understanding of complex operational environments. You are known for your excellent team management skills.
You have an experience working with local partners in emergency response. Idealy you show a previous experience in Ukraine and/or speak Ukranian/Russia. An experience within ACF will be a big plus.


– 6 to 12 months fixed term contract under French legislation
– Monthly gross salary from 3330 to 3800EUR upon experience
– Monthly per diem and living allowance: 493EUR net, field paid
– Monthly country allowance: 450EUR
– Child allowance: 1500EUR per year per child present in the country of origin (maximum 6000EUR/year)
– 16% of the gross monthly salary for pension insurance reimbursement for non-French citizens
– Transportation and accommodation: Coverage of transportation costs and guest house
– Medical coverage: 100% coverage of health contributions (social security + health insurance) and repatriation insurance
– Leaves and RnR: 25 days of paid leaves per year, 20 RnR per year and 215 EUR at each RnR period
– Training: Free and unlimited access to the certifying e-learning platform Crossknowledge ©

ACF is committed to people with disabilities and actively fights against all forms of discrimination.

How to apply

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