About UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

Jobs by UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

      Deputy Director of UNRWA Affairs (Programmes), P5, West Bank
      Senior Protection Officer (Child Protection), (re-advertised), P4, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Deputy Chief of Staff, P-5, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Chief, Field Infrastructure and Camp Improvement Programme, Grade 20, Amman, Jordan
      Senior Social Transfer Specialist (re-advertised), P4, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Senior Advisor – Programmes Coordination, P5, West Bank - Temporary Job Opening
      Head, Field Finance Office, P-4, Gaza
      Protection Officer, P3, (Roster) Amman, West Bank, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, P3
      Senior Advisor Strategic Communications, D-1, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Area Health Officer (NLA and Saida), H09
      Deputy Chief Field Relief & Social Services Programme, 18
      Deputy Chief, Field Infrastructure and Camp Improvement Programme
      Elementary Teacher (grade 8), All subjects, Lebanon Field Office
      Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, P-3, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Director, Strategic Positioning and Change, D-1, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Protection & Neutrality Team Leader, P-4, Gaza
      Education, Youth & Skills Training Project Manager, P-4
      Protection Officer, P3, Lebanon (Temporary Job Opening)
      Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner-General, P4, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Ethics Officer (re-advertised), P3, HQ Amman, Jordan
      RSS Statistician (re-advertised), P3, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Field Programme Support Office, P4, Lebanon
      INTERN - HUMAN RESOURCES-Director of Human Resources (DHR) Office, Amman, Jordan
      INTERN - Human Resources Policy and Development Division, Amman, Jordan
      Human Resources Operations Manager, P4, HQ Amman, Jordan (readvertised)
      Director of UNRWA Affairs, D-2, Lebanon
      Adolescence and Youth Reporting & Programme Coordinator, G - Department of Education
      Project Coordinator, Band F (Education Department)
      Project Coordinator, Band F
      Deputy Chief Field Education Programme (Administration), 18
      Field Maintenance Engineer, 16
      Deputy Chief Field Infrastructure and Camp Improvement Programme, 18
      Teacher English, Grades (8 & 9)
      Teacher Chemistry Grades (8 & 9)
      Teacher Biology Grades (8 & 9)
      Teacher Arabic, Grades (8 & 9)
      Secondary Teacher Philosophy, Grades (9 & 10)
      Secondary Teacher Economics, Grades (9-10)
      Deputy Chief Field Infrastructure and Camp Improvement Programme, 18
      Teacher Geography, Grades (8 & 9)
      Teacher History, Grades (8 & 9)
      Teacher Mathematics, Grades (8 & 9)
      Teacher Religion Grades (8 & 9)
      Protection Officer (Mainstreaming), P3, Jordan Field Office
      INTERN - HUMAN RESOURCES, International, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Associate Reporting Officer, P-2, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Protection Officer (Mainstreaming), P-3, Gaza Field Office
      Human Resources Policy and Legal Officer, P-3, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Special Education Need (SEN) Specialist, E
      Administrative Assistant to Director Representative Office, New York, G6 - Local post Temporary Job Opening
      Private Philanthropy Loyalty Officer, P3, HQ Amman
      Associate Digital Marketing Officer, P-2, HQ Amman
      INTERN - PROCUREMENT INTERN (International), P-3, HQ Amman, Jordan
      INTERN - POLICY & COMPLIANCE MONITORING (International), HQ Amman, Jordan
      Evaluation Officer, P3, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Director UNRWA Representative Office Europe, D-1, Brussels
      Director of UNRWA Affairs, D-2, Jerusalem
      Head Procurement Section, P4, HQ Amman, Jordan
      Senior Donor Relations Officer, P-4, Jordan
      Education Specialist English (Tyre area), Grade 13
      Director or Communications, D-1, Jerusalem
      Deputy Chief Education Programme/Technical, Grade 18