About Mines Advisory Group

Jobs by Mines Advisory Group

      Country Director, Angola
      Base Manager, Nigeria
      Logistics Manager, Laos PDR
      Country Security Manager
      Technical Field Manager (Standards and Training), Iraq
      Grants and Communications Manager, Laos
      Logistics Manager, Laos PDR
      Technical Field Manager, Guinea Bissau
      Community Liaison Manager, Nigeria
      Community Liaison Manager, Ukraine
      Regional Director – East and Southern Africa
      Technical Field Manager, Somalia (subject to confirmation of funding)
      Regional Information Management Manager, West Africa (based in Senegal with frequent travel within the West Africa region)
      Grants and Communications Manager, Laos
      Technical Field Managers, South Sudan
      Community Liaison Manager, Laos
      Programme Officer, Syria Response
      Global Fleet Manager
      Country Director Angola
      Logistics Manager
      Head of Support Services
      Grants and Communications Manager
      Logistics and Fleet Manager
      Finance Manager - Ukraine
      Country Director Angola
      Database Project Manager (ArmsTracker), West Africa
      Programme Officer, South Sudan
      Technical Field Managers, South Sudan
      Roving Procurement and Logistics Manager, West Africa
      Logistics and Fleet Manager, South Sudan
      Security Manager, Sahel West Africa (based in Burkina Faso)
      EU Advocacy Consultant
      Country Director, Syria Response
      Project Manager, Benin, Ghana, Togo and Nigeria
      Base Support Services Manager – Syria Response