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9 billion dollars in Iraq’s oil revenues in SeptembeR

The revenues of Iraqi oil exports in the month of September approached 9 billion dollars, according to what was announced by the Ministry of Oil.

And the Iraqi News Agency quoted a statement from the Ministry of Oil , that the statistics of the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company ( SOMO ) showed that the amount of crude oil exports last September amounted to about 98.8 million barrels, with revenues amounting to about 8.8 billion dollars.

Statistics indicated that the total quantities of crude oil exported for the month of September from oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to about 96.4 million barrels, while the quantities exported of Kirkuk oil through Ceyhan port were about 2.2 million barrels.

“The average price per barrel was $89,560,” according to “SOMO” data.

The Ministry of Oil added that “additional revenues were achieved from selling quantities of shipments of exported crude oil at a price premium, as the total revenue amounted to (138) million dollars,” noting that “the exported quantities were loaded by (36) international companies of different nationalities from the ports of Basra, Khor al-Amiya, mono-buoys on the Gulf, and the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

And Iraq, the second largest producer of crude oil in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries after Saudi Arabia, with an average daily production of 4.6 million barrels.